3DF1 - Fuldfods Laser scanner

3 dimensionel kvalitetsscanner til fuldfodsscan


Ortowear scanners product 1
Ortowear scanners product 12
Ortowear scanners product 13

3,9 sec. for 3D scan (one direction). 7,8 sec. for surface texture (two directions)
Compact (15 kg)
Normal indoor lighting, no light shield required
3D (STL/WRL), 2D color (plantar and heel)
Large scan area
No calibration required
Easy to use
Compatible with all larger CAD/CAM systems
Auto 28 Landmark and 32 Measurements
Auto diagnostic for arch, toe, and heel
Foot report and annotation report
FTP send order to shoe/insole fabrication

Materials to scan

Objects: Plantar foot, un-loaded, partial loaded, full load, foam boxes, casts (positive and negative)
Dimensions: Max. 350(L) X 150(W) X 160(H) mm
Min. 40 (L) x 18 (B) x 0 (H) mm
Max load: 180 kg
Not possible to scan: Shiny, transparent and black objects


Dimensions: 600 (L) x 345 (W) x 310 (H) mm
Power supply: 110-240V 50/60 Hz
Weight: 15 kg
3D scan speed: 3,9 sec.
3D with texture: 7,8 sec.
Output data: STL, VRML
3D accuracy: 1.0 mm
One year limited warranty

Operational environment
Temperature: 15-40 °C; Humidity: 30-70 %.

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