3DF1 Full Foot Laser scanner

Full Foot Laser scanner


Ortowear scanners product 16
Ortowear scanners product 17
Ortowear scanners product 2

3,9 sec. for 3D scan (one direction). 7,8 sec. for surface texture (two directions)
Compact (15 kg)
Normal indoor lighting, no light shield required
3D (STL/WRL), 2D color (plantar and heel)
Large scan area
No calibration required
Easy to use
Compatible with all larger CAD/CAM systems
Auto 28 Landmark and 32 Measurements
Auto diagnostic for arch, toe, and heel
Foot report and annotation report
FTP send order to shoe/insole fabrication

Materials to scan

Objects: Plantar foot, un-loaded, partial loaded, full load, foam boxes, casts (positive and negative)

Dimensions: Max. 350(L) X 150(W) X 160(H) mm
Min. 40 (L) x 18 (B) x 0 (H) mm
Max load: 180 kg
Not possible to scan: Shiny, transparent and black objects


Dimensions: 600 (L) x 345 (W) x 310 (H) mm
Power supply: 110-240V 50/60 Hz
Weight: 15 kg
3D scan speed: 3,9 sec.
3D with texture: 7,8 sec.
Output data: STL, VRML
3D accuracy: 1.0 mm
One year limited warranty

Operational environment
Temperature: 15-40 °C; Humidity: 30-70 %.

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