3D Scanners

3D Scanners

Ortowear only offers stable and thoroughly tested scanner solutions. The scanners are developed especially for the orthopedic industry and for use in the clinics.

When the change from traditionally making of orthopedic footwear to manufacturing via 3D it is important to ensure the solution is stable and always works. A Demand for the new solution must be that it is can work under the same conditions as traditional making with a minimum of adjustments.

This is the reason why all scanners implemented at Ortowear have to pass extensive and rigorous tests directly in the clinics to ensure stability and satisfying results.

3D scanners from Ortowear are supplied with software and the possibility for additional support.

All scanner software are intuitive and easy to use. The scanners will deliver data in open formats (WRL, STL, JPG) and can freely be imported into other systems.

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