3D Lasts

3D Lasts

Ortowear manufactures 3D lasts in wood. Sometimes 3D lasts are also known as CAD lasts.

We also offer to manufacture lasts specifically adapted to our safety toe caps used in our safety footwear concepts.

With our latest technology in 3D printing, we can now also offer our liquid composite material. With this material, you are able to fill your 3D printed test shoes.

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Ortowear are able to manufacture insoles from a wide range of inputs:

Measures, 2D scan, 3D scan (plantar or full), blue prints, foam boxes, casts (negative/positive), plastic test shoes and old lasts.

You can also design your own 3D lasts using our 3D software FOOTMILL

We can supply both the last, insoles and test shoes as one complete solution.

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