3D Design

3D design

Ortowear can model both insoles, lasts and uppers for you
We corporate with CADCAM Hinrich 3D and use Footmill for 3D modelling

If you wish to model your own design, we offer to install Footmill in house with you.

Footmill is based on the CAD software Rhinoceros, which is one of the most stable platforms for curved surfaces in the world.

Footmill is developed in open standards and are therefore able to import and export all known formats.

You can choose between Footmill Insoles, Footmill Lasts or the complete Footmill Insoles/Lasts. We offer both test installation and training.

Footmill is a part of our Turnkey concept and re therefore integrated with all scanners, 3D printers and CNC milling tables from Ortowear.

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