MTM Individual

MTM Made To Measure orthopedic footwear manufactures on individual lasts

MTM is also known as bespoken footwear or individual footwear.
Ortowear manufactures MTM on both existing individual lasts or based on 3D lasts.

The customer defines the design. Using CAD/CAM we develop the patterns adjusted to the individual lasts.
The materials can be selected from our wide range of quality leathers, linings, soles and more.

All individual designs/patterns are stored for easy and efficient re-order.
We offer to both pick up services of existing lasts. When manufacturing is complete, we return both lasts and footwear. This ensure safe tracking.

We also offer to split the process. You are able to order uppers, lasting and assembly as single and separate processes.

All materials are tested and certified to the required standards specified by EU. Our focus is to continue to offer smart innovative designs and materials in order to offer the best possible products.


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