Ortowear is a provider of orthopedic solutions with focus on footwear. Our concepts and products are developed in close corporation with orthopedic shoemakers, orthopedic engineers and podiatrists.

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In combination with the latest technology in 3D scanning, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and high quality materials we strive to produce the best footwear for the foots health and comfort. 
Our goal is always to create the perfect fit in order to improve the mobility and therefore the life quality of the client. Without compromising the fit we seek to make the best possible design for every product.


We divide our footwear into the following concepts:


ROOTBASE Shoes manufactured on individual lasts

We offer a range of designs developed by European designers. All materials are tested and certified to the required standards specified by EU. Our focus is to continue to offer smart innovative designs and materials in order to offer the best possible products.

NESKRID Safety Footwear:

STS Standard Safety Footwear with extra volume and stability
SOS Semi Orthopedic Safety Footwear with a wide range of possibilities on individual adjustments
OSA Full Orthopedic Safety Footwear manufactured on individual lasts

As the only one in the world Ortowear, offer a complete solution within CE certified safety footwear. Whether the requirements are for an individual insole in standard safety footwear or if the solution calls for full orthopedic safety footwear manufactures on individual lasts we are able to offer a solution.

Orthopedic Insoles:

Ortowear offers a range of pre-fabricated insoles in a large range of materials. Both support and correction insoles are available as standard products. We also offer to develop client specific insoles.

Ortowear produce 3D insoles via 3D scan. We are able to offer insoles from any open source 3D files or from our turnkey concept.

Orthopedic Lasts

Ortowear manufactures orthopedic lasts via CAD/CAM. We accept any input ranging from blueprint with measures to finishes lasts for copy.
3D lasts can also integrated be integrated in our Turn Key concept

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