Orthopedic Safety Footwear

One of the critical issues concerning safety footwear is that when modified the certification becomes void. Even if only the inlay soles are replaced, the safety is compromised.

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3D Technology

3D technology help you to move the focus from workshop to the client and the treatment. 3D technology increase the efficiency, delivery speed and ensure that you can always replicate the individual product at any time

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Orthopedic Footwear

Orthopedic Footwear can look good!

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Ortowear Footwear Solutions

Ortowear has in the last 10 years worked closely with orthopedic experts and the best producers of orthopedic products. This has made Ortowear a strong and competent partner within orthopedic footwear.


At Ortowear, we focus on optimization through technology.

Each concept is developed as stand alone, but all products and solutions can be integrated. Together with our partners, we work based on the concept Turnkey or Toolbox.

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