Turnkey or Toolbox

Turnkey or Toolbox

As we strive to be the best within all the areas of orthopedic footwear we work with, we have developed the concepts called Turnkey or Toolbox.

With Turnkey, we offer an A-Z footwear solution for each clinic. The latest 3D technology enables the clinics to scan the foot directly and then receive the finished product.

Turnkey free up clinic time, so more consultations can be handled compared to the traditional set-up. We ensure that each professional are able to apply his or her competences in the best optimal time.

When using our Turnkey concept you not only save time in the clinic. The client will also receive the defined product faster as the production flow is shortened. Our price are always competitive with the traditional set-up.

Because we always strive to be the best within the products and processes we work with, we also offer our services in a Toolbox solution. This means we do not try to lock the customer, but always work in open formats, which can be transferred outside our systems.

If you want to use selected products or process are able to climb in and out where you decide, then Toolbox is the optimal solution for you.


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