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Freelock lacing system

The time with unwinding laces and lumpy Velcro straps is over.

Easy and quick     

Freelock ensures that you easily and quickly can get in and out of your shoes or boots.

How does it work 

Freelock consists of a stainless steel wire that is coated with plastic to ensure a smooth and durable surface with low friction.

Quickly in the shoe and out of it again                                                                                                           When you take your shoes on, you step into the shoe and turn the round knob clockwise. The Wire tightens precisely so that the shoe sits optimal around the foot. To get out of your footwear, release the Freelock by turning the knob counterclockwise. Freelock ensures an effective everyday life for the craftsman who needs quickly to get his footwear on and off when, for example, he or she comes in and out of a home during a day.

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