Full foot Footin3D Laser scanner

Full Foot Laser scanner

Tiger Full Foot Laser scanner from HP/RS Scan is high quality three dimensional foot scanner for orthopaedic applications.

Based on proven laser technology it gives precise three-dimensional scan view of the object. In order to investigate foot in detail, scanner provides 2D pictures in color.

Designed to scan sizeable objects with minimal physical scanner dimensions. This allows using scanner as portable device in all kind of environments.

Tech info

  • 9 cameras: 8 color + 1 monochrome
  • Output format: STL
  • Software: 3D-scan module
  • automated length, width, arch-height calculation


RSscan 2016 catalog 146
RSscan 2016 catalog 342

Additional information:

Number of feet: 1

Dimensions (scanner body): 730 x 430 x 320 mm

Dimensions (with handle and steps): 755 x 832 x 1216 mm

Weight: 26 kg

Scanning area: 400 x 200 x 180 ±5 mm

Measurement standard deviation: 0,5 mm

Scan time: 5 - 15 seconds

I/O: 1x USB 2.0 (1,8m - cable A–B)

Supply voltage (AC mains): 100 – 240 V, AC 50-60 Hz (to external power supply)

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